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Estimated Shipping cost is available once you add a desired amount to the shopping cart.

For Canadian bound orders we use Canada Post and for USA bound shipments we use USPS.

Shipping prices are kept as affordable as we can offer.  Unfortunately we are a small business and offering free shipping is just not an option for us to be a viable businesses. We do not mark-up to the shipping cost and the price displayed is our actual shipping cost plus $1.50 to cover packaging costs.  

Products are weighed and measured by LxWxH.  The price that shows in the shipping cost is the accumulated cost associated with all the items in your shopping cart, which the shipping company calculates based on the volumetric weight (LxWxH).  Shipping prices in Canada usually go up in 500 gram increments.  A yard of quilting cotton is about 150 grams, so you can adjust your yardage and gauge the weight of your order and the cost.

We are working towards having a warehouse in the USA after the pandemic is over so we can ship more economically to our US customers in an effort to be more competitive with US merchants.  USPS prices compared to Canada Post prices, are much, much lower.